[games_access] Good News from Texas.

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That's great news, Thomas!

The following should be of use. The top 10 list that I wrote for the Retro 
Remakes programmers may be useful (this doesn't cover everything either): 

Good luck.


GDC 2006 Presentations info:

Game Law (Thomas Buscaglia):
Closed Captioning (Reid):
Audio Games (Richard & Sander):
Physical Barriers (Barrie & Eric):
Universal Accessibility (Giannis):

Top 10 Accessibility Features: http://tim.thechases.com/top10_2.pdf

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>I had a meeting with my instructor and he is the director of the
> department.  He has ask to begin to develop a "Game Accessibility
> Workshop" for this fall semester!  Also, we want me to give a
> presentation to the Introduction Games Development class.  The workshop
> will be one day for 3 weeks, I won't be able to cover everything
> related to the subject, but can anyone of you tell me what should be
> cover for sure? ?  Hopefully, someday this can turn into a real 16
> weeks class, and with the help from the group it could turn into
> something great!  Send be your ideas and advice from the group will be
> welcome.
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> Thank You,
> Tom Roome
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