[games_access] Good News from Texas. Need help?

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Tom it's great that you're putting together a presentation and your school
is going to create an accessible game.  Let me know if you need help and if
so where are you located or school?  Thanks.  It's great to see this
happening I wish my own school a game design school online would do projects
like this but we don't have research departments.
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That's great! So "one day for three weeks" means 3 days, or just one day? 
Anyways, I think it's best to start with getting info from here:

- Game Accessibility Whitepaper 
- Game Accessibility.com 
(http://www.gameaccessibility.com/index.php?pagefile=papers and 

As for exact topics, this may depend on the type of students (designers, 
researchers,etc) - are they part of a game design/research course or are 
they doing all sorts of stuff (social studies, arts, media studies, etc.)? 
Designers might want to know what they have to do (design guidelines), while

researchers might want to know stuff from a different angle (social impact 
of gaming for people with a disability).

I also suggest downloading all the powerpoint presentations:

Game Law (Thomas Buscaglia):
Closed Captioning (Reid):
Audio Games (Richard & Sander):
Physical Barriers (Barrie & Eric):
Universal Accessibility (Giannis):
Photos (Michelle):
Photos (Thomas): http://www.pininteractive.com/_ftpupload/images/gdc2006.zip
Kevin: ?

Top 10 Accessibility Features: http://tim.thechases.com/top10_2.pdf

Mine is currently offline I think... will put it back today! And if you have

to possibility to give them an assignment, do so! We need examples, 
prototypes, research ;)



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>I had a meeting with my instructor and he is the director of the
> department.  He has ask to begin to develop a "Game Accessibility
> Workshop" for this fall semester!  Also, we want me to give a
> presentation to the Introduction Games Development class.  The workshop
> will be one day for 3 weeks, I won't be able to cover everything
> related to the subject, but can anyone of you tell me what should be
> cover for sure? ?  Hopefully, someday this can turn into a real 16
> weeks class, and with the help from the group it could turn into
> something great!  Send be your ideas and advice from the group will be
> welcome.
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> Thank You,
> Tom Roome
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