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If your TrackIR head tracker is the version from Natural Point then I'm pretty sure it's not quite the same thing (but it seems very similar to me). The following links should throw some more light:

http://www.madentec.com/ - Then find the Head Tracker links on the left. These were used on the golf course.
http://www.madentec.com/news/ra2000/ra2000.html - Madentec's archived pages on the Real Abilities golf tournament.

I like the term Assistive Technology Golfers. With this gear coming down in price there should be more of this in the world. This will get a small mention in our presentation as I make use a golf game to talk about some good accessibility features.

By the way, Robert - if you wanted to play Darts against people using the real thing, Shenmue II on your Xbox has a mini-game of Darts you could use. Shame the Xbox is anything but portable, as it weighs roughly 500kg. A free PC alternative is here with "One Button Dartz": http://www.oneswitch.org.uk/2/sd-sport.htm - not brilliant, but not bad either.

....I thought about taking a portable PS One with "Caesar's Palace" and an accessible controller to our local Westcliff Casino years ago with a disabled guy I was working for who enjoyed Roulette... I wondered what they would think of us turning up with this gear. Would they throw us out for having a system to beat the casino? And if they didn't, perhaps we should get a system...


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  The golfing for quads and paraplegics was so amazing that's one technology when to use getting people like me and others out of their computer screens in their houses and onto the environment.  It adds to the experience and also becomes something completely interacted in the real environment.  Thanks for sharing I have to put a link on this technology on my site.

   it mentions they use the new tracker technology I wonder if that's the same thing I just bought but called TrackIR?  What are they referring to in the video about the tracker technology?



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