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shall i bring my xbox and shenmue 2 and show the darts game 
with a switch controller for the accessibility arcade? yeah, 
it's a hefty sucker but mo, kasey and i can handle the 
load. :)

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>Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 23:42:57 -0000
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>   If your TrackIR head tracker is the version from
>   Natural Point then I'm pretty sure it's not quite
>   the same thing (but it seems very similar to me).
>   The following links should throw some more light:
>   http://www.madentec.com/ - Then find the Head
>   Tracker links on the left. These were used on the
>   golf course.
>   http://www.madentec.com/news/ra2000/ra2000.html -
>   Madentec's archived pages on the Real Abilities golf
>   tournament.
>   I like the term Assistive Technology Golfers. With
>   this gear coming down in price there should be more
>   of this in the world. This will get a small mention
>   in our presentation as I make use a golf game to
>   talk about some good accessibility features.
>   By the way, Robert - if you wanted to play Darts
>   against people using the real thing, Shenmue II on
>   your Xbox has a mini-game of Darts you could use.
>   Shame the Xbox is anything but portable, as it
>   weighs roughly 500kg. A free PC alternative is here
>   with "One Button Dartz":
>   http://www.oneswitch.org.uk/2/sd-sport.htm - not
>   brilliant, but not bad either.
>   ....I thought about taking a portable PS One with
>   "Caesar's Palace" and an accessible controller
>   to our local Westcliff Casino years ago with a
>   disabled guy I was working for who enjoyed
>   Roulette... I wondered what they would think of us
>   turning up with this gear. Would they throw us out
>   for having a system to beat the casino? And if they
>   didn't, perhaps we should get a system...
>   Barrie
>   www.OneSwitch.org.uk
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>     Virtual sports
>     The golfing for quads and paraplegics was so
>     amazing that's one technology when to use getting
>     people like me and others out of their computer
>     screens in their houses and onto the environment. 
>     It adds to the experience and also becomes
>     something completely interacted in the real
>     environment.  Thanks for sharing I have to put a
>     link on this technology on my site.
>      it mentions they use the new tracker technology I
>     wonder if that's the same thing I just bought but
>     called TrackIR?  What are they referring to in the
>     video about the tracker technology?
>     Robert
>     www.RobertFlorio.com
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