[games_access] Message Boards Instead of Meetings?

Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Fri May 12 02:36:11 EDT 2006

I agree - It would be great to open this up to ACE too, when they are ready 
with their accessibility project.

I can still see on-line meetings being of some use in the future though, 
although the nature of the world makes it awkward for many (especially if 
you are in Australasia, East Asia - 1am meeting anyone?).


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Great, I'm glad everyone has been so accepting of the idea. Not that I
expected any resistance. A friend of mine mentioned that a lot of
non-profit organizations would do better if they joined up forming
partnerships instead of being separate entities with similar goals. I
figured it was the same thing, where I could easily setup the msg
board on my website, but since we have the game accessibility website
run by Richard and Sanders it should be under that entity. It will
help to "centralize" our communication so it isn't fragmented all over
the Internet.


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