[games_access] ANOTHER game accessibility competition!

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Sat May 13 19:44:43 EDT 2006

hi all,

not to steal retroremake's thunder but a company i've been working 
with wants to sponsor a game accessibility contest. my friend didn't 
know about the retroremakes competition going on at the same time but 
i think that there's enough differences that it will be ok and 
donationcoder will allow entries into both contests as long as the 
one for donationcoder is a slightly different version or even more 
into accessibility than retro. BUT i think it's VERY exciting to see 
not one but TWO competitions for game accessibility!

anyway, the working page is at 
http://www.donationcoder.com/Contests/agame/ and i'd love some 
feedback. barrie has already provided some and the changes are being 
worked on now (more web links, more clear explanations about switch 
games, etc).

there will be a lot of prizes that are being finalized next week -- 
$5k is up there as the amount of money the prizes are currently at 
but the last donationcoder competition (not a gaming comp) had $15k 
in prizes. also i plan on inviting winners from retroremakes and 
donationcoder to submit a case study on the creation of their game to 
the SIG book as well as the possibility of talking about the creation 
of the game at next year's GDC (provided we get accepted!).

so fire away with suggestions -- and if you are at a company that 
would like to donate copies of games, tshirts, swag, game consoles, 
etc let me know at hinn at uiuc.edu

thanks all!
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