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ANOTHER game accessibility competition!Hi Michelle and list,

Isn't the difference that the RetroRemake competition is about making retro-style games and that (to quote Barrie) "... part of the judging criteria will involve an Accessibility Angle", whereas the Donation Coder competition is really a competition about specifically aimed at accessible game design? So although RetroRemake submissions are likely to contain many single switch games very accessible for gamers with a learning or a motoric disability, I expect no games that are accessible for the blind (since blind games are not 'retro'). Whereas I do expect all sorts of accessible games in the Donation Coder competition ;)

So maybe it's better to announce the Donation Coder competition as "*The* Accessible Games Competition" ;P

Anyway, here are my first comments/suggestions:

- GREAT IDEA! (although I already knew about it, still think so... :)
- The title "The DonationCoder.com Accessibility Game Coding Contest" seems a bit weird, due to the "Accessibility Game Coding" ... isn't it "Accessible Game(s)" (Design/Coding) or "Game Accessibility"?
- Is it possible to have the GameAccessibility.com logo on the website as a partner? And is it possible for AudioGames.net to be a partner for the audio games category? 
- I like the idea very much of having Accessible Game Categories within the competition, such as "audio games" (which really is the established term for games with only auditory output ;) and "single/one switch games". I expect you did consider other categories as well? Is it possible to have another category? I know the difficulty in this, since audio games and single switch games are really unique types of games with high accessibility for gamers with certain disabilities, and there are no unique games for gamers with an auditory handicap (as far as I know), and game accessibility mostly concerns 'regular games with added functionality' (to be a bit bold). What are your thoughts on this?
- The link "Accessible Games List" is really a list of "Blind Accessible Games". Maybe this difference could be noted for newbies? And could AudioGames.net (which (shamelessly*) is the biggest website on audio games out there ;) also have a link here?
- Where can I view judging criterea for the audio games? Who does the judging (are the blind involved themselves as well)? And might there be a role for AudioGames.net as well?
- Thanks for putting up the Game-Accessibility.com link! Is it possible to change the description "Forum and Articles" into "Resource and Community website about game accessibility"?
- Does the competition have a logo of some sort that I can put on Game-Accessibility.com and on AudioGames.net? And some small press-release-type article with all necessary information in a glimpse that I can spread?
- Are we (SIG Members, etc) allowed to enter as well? Still have some audio game and single switch game prototypes lying around ;)
- Great idea!



* what was it again about arrogance and Holland.. ;)


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  hi all,

  not to steal retroremake's thunder but a company i've been working with wants to sponsor a game accessibility contest. my friend didn't know about the retroremakes competition going on at the same time but i think that there's enough differences that it will be ok and donationcoder will allow entries into both contests as long as the one for donationcoder is a slightly different version or even more into accessibility than retro. BUT i think it's VERY exciting to see not one but TWO competitions for game accessibility!

  anyway, the working page is at http://www.donationcoder.com/Contests/agame/ and i'd love some feedback. barrie has already provided some and the changes are being worked on now (more web links, more clear explanations about switch games, etc).

  there will be a lot of prizes that are being finalized next week -- $5k is up there as the amount of money the prizes are currently at but the last donationcoder competition (not a gaming comp) had $15k in prizes. also i plan on inviting winners from retroremakes and donationcoder to submit a case study on the creation of their game to the SIG book as well as the possibility of talking about the creation of the game at next year's GDC (provided we get accepted!).

  so fire away with suggestions -- and if you are at a company that would like to donate copies of games, tshirts, swag, game consoles, etc let me know at hinn at uiuc.edu

  thanks all!


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