[games_access] URGENT: WCAG2 and people with learning disabilities

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Ooops... I meant: "...the game industry, in THIS case an industry... "

Sorry for all the typos in my previous posts... speed typing...

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> Hi,
> *quote*
>> Anyway, my point was simply that I don't want us to get to the point 
>> where we don't have a "top ways to start out with game accessibility" but 
>> that we have to make it clear that our "get started" document emphasizes 
>> the understanding that JUST doing the "top ways" is better than not doing 
>> anything at all but that they *are* just the first steps and that if you 
>> really want to get serious then here are the details.
> *quote end*
> Yeah, we agree!
> Actually, I think two things about game accessibility. First I think it's 
> great that instead of trying to limit ourselves by defining what game 
> accessibility is and defining all the things that make games FULLY 
> ACCESSIBLE (in capitals, yes ;), we are (first) looking at what things 
> would make games MORE ACCESSIBLE! This is not only more useful, but I also 
> think it is very clever, since it doesn't immediately takes the point of 
> view that "ALL games CAN be made accessible FOR ALL". I personally believe 
> game accessibility is much more difficult than web accessibility, since 
> web accessibility doesn't cover 'user experience' and I think game 
> accessibility should cover that since games are about experience (without 
> it, it's just "interactive information" or someshit similar ;) ).
> I also think this approach is much more kind to the game industry, in the 
> case an industry which is even more likely to develop its own 
> accessibility standards...
> Greets,
> Richard
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