[games_access] Research Game Accessibility

Thomas Christopher Roome thomas.roome at student.utdallas.edu
Wed May 31 22:20:06 EDT 2006

Let me introduced myself, I am Thomas Roome a graduate student at the 
University of Texas at Dallas.  In 1995, I received my master?s in 
Rehabilitation Counseling, but I  never was able to find employment in 
the field.  To cut a long story short I am back in college wanting to 
focus on game Accessibility for the disabled.  I have Cerebral Palsy 
and only can work a keyboard with my left foot and I do as much as I 
can with my foot.  Have anyone on this list ever try to work a regular 
Xbox controller with your foot?  It is very difficult to play a game 
like Doom 3 or another game like it.  I have seen information about 
one-switch systems, but don?t know if these systems could interact with 
the mainstream games?  

The University of Texas at Dallas has a program in Arts and Technology, 
and game development is one of many things that the students can learn. 
 I am trying to convince the university that research needs to be done 
in Game Accessibility and begin to teach game accessibility to students 
in the game development track.  First, I need to know what type of 
research have been done in game accessibility?  I don?t want to work on 
problems that have been solve along time ago.  Second, what are the 
major problems adapting  the mainstream game for people with Mobility 
Disabilities?  Eventually, I want to apply for a grant and really try 
making games more accessible for everyone.  

Thank you for your time!   

Thank You, 

Tom Roome

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