[games_access] Top 3 Top 3 and IGDA GASIG Awards Ceremony 2008

Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
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Thanks, Mark - much appreciated. Robert helped too, and as I said before -
it's just another angle to approach game developers from. Listening to some
of Richard's concerns, I've added a "this won't remove all barriers for all
gamers" disclaimer which I think is right. I'll sit on it for a short while,
but then if most people are content/silent, I'll draft up an e-mail, and see
if we can't get people in the group to start contacting game developers.
Some help to track down the best contacts (Super-Michelle?, others?) - would
be much appreciated! I'm not the most up to date... but here's some basic

Pinball games: System 3 (developers of recent Gottlieb and Williams pinball
games) - Cunning Developments / Empire (Pro Pinball - which had some great
features on Dreamcast - including highly reconfigurable controls that you
could map for limited one-button play - and speed adjustment) - Not sure
about others - maybe contact the PinMAME emulation people.

Golf games: Clap Hanz (the lovely Everybody's Golf - which could still do
with some improvments), EA for Tiger Woods, Nintendo (Wii Sports), Super
Swing Golf (?).

Driving games: loads...


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> Barrie,


> Despite what I have read to the contrary, way to go! I think the posts

> look great and I thank you and Reid for coming up with them.


> Your classifications and wording may not be perfect but it is far more

> information on the web today than there was yesterday about the subject.

> If others would like to add to list, or branch out and make some new area,

> I am sure there is room for that as well.


> Barrie, Reid, in short, thank you for writing something that ablegamers

> (oh nice plug for my site) can read vs all those keystrokes on something

> that only eight of us read (I know there are more, but at this point I am

> sure that most people are deleting most of it).


> The blog looks great! Keep up the good work...


> Mark Barlet

> Ioo - AbleGamers.com



> Barrie Ellis wrote:

>> Feeling guilty - I've tweaked the IGDA GASIG blog to feature a "Blog

>> Topics" area - which will be expanded later. I liked the look of the

>> awards area... and thought - this is obvious, but... Why don't we start

>> our own awards ceremony? It would be a bit of fun - and not too much work

>> to start with I recon.


>> Why don't we start recognising the games that have got some good

>> accessibility features built in? We could keep nominations simple - and

>> awards being a nice e-mail from us to the winners - any other interested

>> press - and of course mention on our blog + site.


>> Maybe:


>> Best pointer based game (for head-tracker / eye-tracker / touch-screen

>> gamers).

>> Best audio game.

>> Best one switch game.

>> Best use of closed captions / subtitling.

>> IGDA GASIG historical award (great games from the past).

>> IGDA GASIG special award.

>> IGDA GASIG best of 2008.


>> ??


>> Anyway - I've also set-up a "Top 3 Accessibility Features" section for

>> particular game genres:

>> http://gameaccessibility.blogspot.com/search/label/Top%203


>> Pinball, Golf, Driving games covered at present. I'd appreciate people's

>> thoughts, and also on any suggestions of companies to contact once we

>> have a basic consensus. I realise there's lots of things not covered -

>> this is not the point - it's to try and get some of the simplest concepts

>> with the lowest potential overheads to the people making games (indies,

>> home coders, mainstream - anyone!).


>> This stuff stands on the shoulders of everyone's work so far - so please

>> don't think I'm claiming this as my baby. It's not. It's ours - so help

>> us to make it useful... Perhaps we should get a standard e-mail drafted

>> (with further links for more help as it stands presently - e.g. Eelke's

>> design patterns - Game-Accessibility.com - our forum? our mailing list

>> and so on....


>> Enough from me today I think...


>> Barrie

>> www.OneSwitch.org.uk



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