[games_access] Getting Federal government. On our side.

Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Sun Dec 2 15:08:54 EST 2007

Robert, if you kick start it, and get it going - I'll support you and so
will others. Why not
start by building an on-line petition - I'm sure there's more than just me
here that would be happy to proof read it and add suggestions before it goes

Take a look here:


I too don't know how successful this approach will be - but none of us will
know for sure unless it's tried.

At the very least, it can burble away in the background - building support
for us in numbers. Perhaps we could all point people in its direction if it
says things we are mostly happy with? I'd like it to be a bit more
international in scope, so I'd love to see an intro paragraph with links to
translated versions in other languages.

Go for it, Robert!


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> I'm actually proposing how many of us want to and can help to send letters

> to important people like senators, independent game developers, to get

> petitions signed, and send it to some senators to get some kind of

> nationwide talk on this and finally a regulated necessity standard?


> I think it's a very good and noble thing to do. Thinking of it in a way

> that it's an industry that has ignored and does not have any future plans

> for any big deals for accessibility for people. Especially in the United

> States is our Constitution write to have fair access to all forms of

> entertainment. To not allow people access to their product is

> discrimination.


> Again this is something I have proposed before nobody said they wanted to

> work on it and I don't know why it seems like a great thing to do. Stand

> up

> for our rights that's what the government is there to help us to

> especially

> in a billion-dollar industry making millions and millions but ignoring the

> rest seems wrong.


> Robert


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