[games_access] SIG Accessibilty Guidelines

Thomas Westin thomas at pininteractive.com
Mon Dec 17 04:39:24 EST 2007

Hello John

I'm going to bold and say my thesis won't take forever. (I wrote
another thesis, although smaller in just a few days).

I'm planning to contact you and others in the SIG: I just wanted to
start with models based on Terraformers which I already had, just made
some corrections. This is to give you all an idea of what GAIM is
aiming for

Great that you plan to do guidelines of your own, but if we can
cooperate it's even better. Perhaps agree on UML formats etc. What's
your e-mail adress so I can contact you off list?

My plan is to include all contributors in GAIM, right now there's a
placeholder tag in the main GAIM doc for contributors.

I've also created a Creative Commons License for GAIM, with
BY - Author credits, just to get sure people give some creds to the
NC - No commercial, unless asked for
SA - Share alike, so people can extend my work if they share alike
their work


16 dec 2007 kl. 23.48 skrev John Bannick:

> It looks like Thomas' GAIM project and the associated discussion

> could eventually result is some sort of practical SIG guidelines.


> Since that could take awhile (my thesis took forever) I'm going to

> go ahead on my own and try to assemble a succinct and practical set

> of guidelines for our own company.

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