[games_access] I need your help

Tim Chase agdev at thechases.com
Wed Jan 10 06:57:28 EST 2007

> I haven't posted here in some time but I need your help.

> I posted the fallowing on my site tonight:

Heh, the definition of "fallowing" (yes, I know you likely meant
"following", but it was kinda funny in my weird mind) is:

1. To plow (land) without seeding it afterward.
2. To plow and till (land), especially to eradicate or
reduce weeds.

Sounds sorta like what you wanted to do...plow the idea to reduce
weeds :)

> "I may be getting a chance to speak about Accessible Gaming at a function in

> my area.

Well, from the list's discussions about prep for IGDA
presentations, there's clearly enough for half-day and full-day
sessions, so 20 minutes should be a cakewalk. The hard part
might be winnowing it *down* to 20 minutes. :)

Is there a particular subset of accessibility you intend to
address? I.e. just visual impairments? Just hearing
impairments? Mobility issues? Learning/cognitive issues? Or do
you plan to try and address them all?

Oh, and what sort of organization is it (what's the target
audience)? Are they existing game developers? Are they
management-types? Are they accessibility advocates that know
nothing about the gaming field?

Okay, so it's a lot of questions, but there are a lot of
directions you could go with it.


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