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Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
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Hello Corey,

I'd recommend trawling through the resources at www.game-accessibility.com -

http://www.game-accessibility.com/index.php?pagefile=papers - Some of the videos might be very helpful. This said, I can't get the videos to work at present, without messing about with the URLs.

E.g. the first video shortcut reads: mms://mediaserver.wustl.edu/mpa/brainGames/clip.wmv
But if you change it to http://mediaserver.wustl.edu/mpa/brainGames/clip.wmv - it works on my machine. You may need to do the same (can this be fixed Richard/Sander?)

Also feel free to use anything on my web-site such as the pioneers page, or the barriers document:


Try not to worry too much, but have some interesting pictures, a short video maybe to stop things from being too dry. Maybe squeeze in an accessible game for play if you have time spare.

I'm sure people will be very interested in what you have to say, so take courage from that, and that what you have to say is really important for a lot of people. Escapism is a big part of many people's lives. Most people can relate to having that denied to them.

Good luck, and let us know how you go!!!


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Hi Everyone,

How are all of you? I haven't posted here in some time but I need your help. I posted the fallowing on my site tonight:

"I may be getting a chance to speak about Accessible Gaming at a function in my area. I feel that I am not that good at giving speeches, probably because I get very nervous in a crowd of strangers. Anyway, I am telling you this because I need your help with this. For me to speak well I just need a well written speech. I want to speak about the importance of gaming and how it helps with your mental health, accessible controllers and things that can be done to make games more accessible. All that I am asking from you is some ideas of what all I should discuss. It needs to be around 20 minutes long, so any ideas would be nice. I will also be doing a PowerPoint presentation."


Corey 'Dis' Krull



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