[games_access] torque closed captions

Eelke Folmer eelke.folmer at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 17:55:24 EDT 2007


--------CC torque---------------
Here's a new http://www.eelke.com/grad/TorqueRadarDemo.zip
version of CC for torque using a sound radar. It took us a bit longer
to modify since we've integrated it in the GUI editor. (press F10
while playing and you can move the text box and radar to any position
you like) you can even modify the size of the dots & font size.

------one button FPS---------
A demo of the one button FPS can be found here:
Its still very buggy and still needs a lot of redevelopment but the
basics work.

Let me know what you think of it.

Cheers Eelke
Eelke Folmer Assistant Professor
Department of CS&E/171
University of Nevada Reno, Nevada 89557
Game interaction design www.helpyouplay.com

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