[games_access] Ideas for GDC 2008

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Tue May 22 18:05:19 EDT 2007

Thomas sez...

>- The Arcade, definitely, one day thing - on the expo floor perhaps?

>that would be really cool. Wednesday would be best for this - then

>we can promote the other sessions. Perhaps this year I can video

>record the Arcade so we can share it on Youtube in detail, and not

>only rely on what the media selects to show?

Well we kind of have two choice -- either we show at the main expo
for the 2.5 days it's open for everyone or we end up doing just a one
session arcade that is not part of the expo. BUT if we think through
it, we can have tag teams taking shifts at the expo booth and that
would free others up to go drag people to our booth at the expo
and/or attend other sessions to "escort" people to our booth. Also
with the expo? We get to LEAVE our stuff there overnight. So that
alone makes things a TON easier.

>- Other sessions, on Thursday would be ideal as we can promote them

>on the Arcade/expo on Wednesday. Friday - many going home earlier,

>Expo closing earlier etc. So Thursday should be the best day. Just

>make sure we plan it carefully in regard to keynote speaks so we

>don't have our main things at the same time. We should also have a

>session talking about the book of course.

I agree that Thursday is the best day for the other sessions --
unfortunately? We don't get to choose "when" it is. So we can't tell
them "no we can't be against Koster!" But perhaps it would hurt to
ask at any rate.

>And yes, I totally agree with having a flat organization where

>Michelle don't have to be in charge of all things. I think it will

>also make everyone (well, me at least) more motivated to focus on

>one thing than all sessions and not knowing exactly what to do where

>and when. It will help us all I think.

Yes, I think it will also give people a chance to take a session and
run with it. I can help get us ON the schedule but I'd rather not
always be the one chasing down the AV crew, TVs, mics, etc :) and I
think we'd better served spreading the "how to run this session"
things out!


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