[games_access] SIG Committees -- advise needed

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Thu May 24 13:16:03 EDT 2007

So a while back I created a whole bunch of new lists so that this
list could turn into a list for announcements about conferences,
updates, sig meeting summaries, etc)

I think that moving this list that already out there and already used
for debate, suggestions, conversations would be a mistake.

However, I have the idea and some new lists that I think would work well:

(1) GA Chat -- this would be for things that are funny, conversations
that end up slightly about accessibility but end up being chatter (so
someone could request that topic be moved to "Chat" if the
discussions on the main list end up wayyyyyy off course)

(2) GA Announce -- This would be a moderated list (the only one) that
was simply for press releases and product reviews and such. If
discussion is desired, re-forwarding the announcements to our current
list would be best

(3) GA Publications -- This would be for the discussion of new
whitepapers, collaborations on papers by SIG members, "the book," etc

(4) GA Edit -- this one is for just Thomas, Richard and I for now
since it's just about contracts and dealing with the publisher (who
will also be on the list)

(5) GA Research -- This would be for those of us in academia who are
interested in cross-institutional collaboration on grants and to
discuss research papers that have come out that concern us

(6) GA PR -- This would be the group that helps write/pester groups
to assimilate, ;) It would also concern things like posters, fliers,
getting media coverage, t-shirts, etc)

So what does everyone think? Too many? Too few? Too vague? That would
make seven lists in all. If in doubt, one could always just email
this list and discussion can be moved to one of the other lists.

So your help is needed! That....and I'm looking for a good bunch of
people to help monitor these lists as committee chairs or co-chairs.



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