[games_access] Michelle's annoyance...:-)

DJ Bono ladysekhmet.dj at gmail.com
Thu May 31 18:24:38 EDT 2007

LOL! About time someone understands with the lack of CC in News bits and
stuff. I have no idea how hard it is to implement captioning in web videos,
but I would think that it's almost impossible. Reason behind this is because
TV shows and movies have big bucks, so they pay the National Captioning
Institute to caption these.
However, having someone upload a video is out of their hands because it's
independent? Think of YouTube...impossible to spend the time to caption all
of these.
The only times that I'm very annoyed is when I see a story being stated
on CNN.com, and it's in video. I have to ask my boyfriend to "interp" for
me, but even in that method, there's some information that gets lost in
Anyone want to translate Robert's 3 min video?? :-D
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