[games_access] GDC: Michelle is not in THAT bad a mood

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Wed Nov 28 13:07:02 EST 2007

Ok...before I get flooded with more email asking about how I'm doing
(which I appreciate!!), I wanted to let everyone know that I'm not in
that bad a mood...I'm just disappointed with some insider stuff I
heard, guilt left over from last year, frustration that I'm in a
pretty serious financial bind that's threatening my being able to pay
my fees to graduate, and just general disappointment that some really
good and interesting proposals weren't given a fighting chance...that
and being able to bring fewer people at a conference that has
expanded 5 fold since we started going is disappointing. And, yes, I
do wish more had helped with the proposals so that we could have had
ones that were not written by me simultaneously at the deadline. More
acceptances would have come with more passes (each acceptance
generally comes with only one pass unless it's something like a
tutorial). But we'll do what we can and we'll rethink strategies for
how we go about things this year. And those of us that go will need
to make sure we are as healthy as possible!!!! We can't afford ER
visits and such this year!!

I wish I could get everyone passes to some of the VIP events even if
you are going to pay your own way -- unfortunately I can get exactly
the same number of passes to those that I can get for the GDC in

It would be great if I could get an idea of who will be going
regardless of having a SIG pass. I mainly ask because it would be
nice to know who will be there and if I can get people into certain
events that their pass doesn't not let them into, I will try my best.

I hope that regardless of getting a pass to go, everyone can add a
couple hours into helping us plan for GDC. We'll be representing the
SIG as a whole and while things are different this year, they aren't
that different from where we were just a couple years ago where only
one person could go. The thing is? We can't forget what we are about
-- making sure that mainstream games are accessible to as many people
as possible.


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