[games_access] Business track proposal for CC in games updated

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Sat Sep 29 22:04:38 EDT 2007

I keep playing around with the idea of (sorry non-US peeps) "Making
More $$ with [cc]" in the title. I like the $$/[cc] :)

I haven't looked yet at this but a good idea would be to check the
titles of the business track proposals on the GDC 07 site
(www.gdconf.com -- just hit "skip intro" and you'll see links to GDC
07 stuff mixed in with the 08 proposal stuff). See how dry (or not)
theirs tend to be.

But now that I had my fun with the cute $$/[cc] thing...we have to
make sure that they don't also see [cc] and think "carbon copy." I
just showed this title to my boyfriend and he said that out of
context he might not know we mean closed captioning versus a new
version of C/C++. So I think we have to remember that things that we
know to mean closed captioning, despite [cc] showing in tv guide
(again, it's in context), might just be two "c" letters next to each
other. So we may need a colon after the first part of the title like
"More $$ with [cc]: Using Closed Captioning to Sell More Games"???

I know...it all gets super picky at the end. I think we're almost there though!


>Take a look at the link below and please provide feedback.








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