[games_access] Business track proposal for CC in games updated

Reid Kimball reid at rbkdesign.com
Sat Sep 29 22:16:00 EDT 2007

Thanks Barrie, I'm basing the number of games on a definition of
closed captioning that includes sound effects and music. The old
Sierra adventure games, as much as I love them, didn't caption sound
effects or music.

I agree the wording is awkward, I'll work on that.

Michelle, I'll browse through the session titles.


On 9/29/07, d. michelle hinn <hinn at uiuc.edu> wrote:

> I keep playing around with the idea of (sorry non-US peeps) "Making

> More $$ with [cc]" in the title. I like the $$/[cc] :)


> I haven't looked yet at this but a good idea would be to check the

> titles of the business track proposals on the GDC 07 site

> (www.gdconf.com -- just hit "skip intro" and you'll see links to GDC

> 07 stuff mixed in with the 08 proposal stuff). See how dry (or not)

> theirs tend to be.


> But now that I had my fun with the cute $$/[cc] thing...we have to

> make sure that they don't also see [cc] and think "carbon copy." I

> just showed this title to my boyfriend and he said that out of

> context he might not know we mean closed captioning versus a new

> version of C/C++. So I think we have to remember that things that we

> know to mean closed captioning, despite [cc] showing in tv guide

> (again, it's in context), might just be two "c" letters next to each

> other. So we may need a colon after the first part of the title like

> "More $$ with [cc]: Using Closed Captioning to Sell More Games"???


> I know...it all gets super picky at the end. I think we're almost there though!


> M


> >Take a look at the link below and please provide feedback.

> >

> >http://www.igda.org/wiki/Selling_more_games_by_adding_CC

> >

> >Thanks,

> >

> >-Reid

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