[games_access] Blizzard, WoW, and Accessibility Concerns

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Wed Feb 13 07:45:06 EST 2008


there's a significant cost in taking the W3C route, end-user

Corporates have their own agendas, which if they hold in common, it
can be very time consuming to change*.
whereas at the moment end-users can directly input to SIG, this
becomes increasingly difficult and unlikely as corporates and
academics take control. at least that is my experience over the past
decade contributing to various W3C WGs.

It is true that Ian Jacobs has suggested that including users in the
W3C process** has been discuss, and is under consideration by the
management group. However no timeline has been set for implementation.

Open Source also has this deficiency, software is produced by 'users'
but not the public.
consumers have a small amount of control, but people with low
literacy are likely to have little disposable income.
A response from Bruce Perens is awaited ~:"


Jonathan Chetwynd
Accessibility Consultant on Media Literacy and the Internet

*the formal objection to WCAG2 produced some good publicity, but very
little advance in understanding, in the main limited to a
qualification regarding the needs of people with learning disabilities.

**A talk to CETIS "Putting the User at the Heart of the W3C Process"
with audio and transcript:

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