[games_access] games for health conference Baltimore? When?

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Tue Feb 26 16:43:14 EST 2008

It is in May -- I have more details and will send them shortly -- I entered a pain cycle during GDC and so I haven't been online much since Friday. Anyway...we have a special single day conference just on game accessibility that is during the games for health conference that I am organizing.


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> Talk to Ben Sawyer (cc'ed here), he organizes it. I

> actually think he's on the accessibility list too,

> so he might have already read this. Also, you're

> right, the conference is usually in May.

> Eitan


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> Does anyone know when the Baltimore games for

> health conference is going to

> be last I heard it was in May? I am available to

> speak their. And also if

> the opportunity comes up to actually show my

> documentary. I look forward to

> sending the documentary for private viewing online

> for a view of you soon.

> It is about my life in the beginning and the

> majority about game design

> accessibility in mind trip to San Jose, California

> game design conference,

> my life and how I affect athletes through my

> painting and an amazing

> conclusion. A great message of encouragement.


> Robert

> www.RobertFlorio.com


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> for the DVD


> Thomas,


> I just uploaded an update to the ALERT Game Book.


> Had a boffo week fixing some minor, but

> irritating, things and didn't want

> to miss the unexpected opportunity to send the

> best we have.


> No big deal. Just wanted you to know, if you

> noticed the date change.


> John


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