[games_access] Amount of Spam on the List

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Sat Jan 19 18:54:47 EST 2008

Hi all,

I'm not sure what is happening but our "usual" amount of spam that I
get as list owner as bounced/rejected messages notices has increase
from about 10 a week (through November) to (really) over 100 a day. I
can filter it out so it's not a big deal but occasionally one of a
list member's email gets rejected or put on hold (ie, if you send an
attachment). So if there's ever any concern, please always feel free
to email me and I can check your account.

I usually give the spam a look through once a day to make sure none
of them are legit emails (rather than *information* about
prescription drugs online, male enhancements, home mortgages, and
lotteries we've apparently won -- although...I'd be glad if one of
those lotteries were for real -- then we could afford to buy
quadcontrollers for every game company in the world -- seriously, I
wish we could! -- and start some major media campaigns/commercials).

:D But...I go through the folder super fast so I'm sure I've missed a

few. To help me out, if you have anything strange about how you are
sending email (ie, you have a different sending address than
receiving address you subscribed with or your name uses non-Roman
characters in your email program (the biggest problems are with
Cyrillic/Russian characters and Asian characters versus accent
marks), please let me know and I can try and correct it on the
listserv admin page or help me out and be sure and temporarily change
these things if possible in your email program. As long as the
listserv software knows of your address info, usually problems are
solved...not always...but usually.

Thanks everyone! The IGDA even changed their email address a year ago
due to spam but we can't afford to do that and lose any members! And
if it only gets sent to me, I can handle it! :)


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