[games_access] Game Accessibility articles in Hebrew

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Sat Jul 26 19:53:29 EDT 2008

Nice! I recognize a lot of the images from other locations! :) But as
long as it helps get the word out, I have no problem with that!

Actually I know a family in Israel that might help translate the
article or at least the gist of it so we can post that especially if
it has some different points of view and/or points us to others who
are working in the area.

I don't know of any Arabic articles but it would be great to have a
map of where news about accessibility has been covered! I'm always
telling the IGDA that we're the only SIG that puts the
"international" into the IGDA -- seriously, we have the most global
SIG (they've checked!). I'm sure that helps us get the word out to
journalists from all over the world!

Next stop? Mars. ;)




>Three very good looking game accessibility articles - I can't read

>them - but it's fantastic to know that this stuff is getting a wider



>Any Arabic articles out there?







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