[games_access] another quick introduction

Kestrell kestrell at panix.com
Tue Mar 4 11:24:20 EST 2008

Hi, John

Could you name some game titles from your company?

I know of VIBUG and even did a demo on commercial ebook formats a number of
years ago, but, as I live in Dorchester, the trip to the meetings is usually
more of an MBTA adventure than I feel up to.

Aspects of games I am particularly interested in: the social and educational
aspects, which is why Second Life accessibility is something I would
particularly be interested in.

Also, I want an accessible flamethrower. I was an alpha tester for All In
Play when they were originally working on a monster/maze game, and I loved
that game, but they abandoned it to pursue development of online card games.

Lastly, I would love to find someone willing to work on a horror game that
exploited the lights-out in the dark potential of creating an environment
that could appeal to both visually-impaired and sighted players.


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> Hey Kestrell,


> If you're still in the Boston area, we're neighbors!

> Our 7-128 Software company is up in Salem, MA.

> We do mainstream casual games that are accessible.


> What aspects of game accessibilty are you interested in?


> Also, have you heard of the Boston Visually Impaired and Blind Users Group

> (VIBUG)?

> A bunch of really neat tech people who meet at the Braille Press near

> Symphony.

> Check out http://www.vibug.org.


> John Bannick


> 7-128 Software


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