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Wow! Those games do sound interesting, I will definitely check out your
site. I do like puzzle games also--I am a major fan of Boggle, and there is
a blind-accessible version produced by Spoonville Games of which I am a
total fan.

The spooky cities of the 1920s game also sounds fabulous; I love that time
period, and read a lot of weird fiction and ghost stories from that time,
along with the mysteries of Dorothy Sayers and such.


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> Kestrel,


> We've already shipped 6 of the planned 12 Inspector Cyndi in Newport

> games.

> Their titles are:


> 1. Death Nell - Who murdered the Upstairs Maid?

> 2. The Forgetful Sailor - An amnesiac who is more than he appears to be

> 3. When Irish Spies are Smiling - Did the Fenians steal Mr. Hollands

> experimental submarine, again?

> 4. Unfinished Symphony - Why did the trumpet player keel over into the

> potted palm?

> 5. Lights Out - Who stole Muffy Huffington's engagement ring?

> 6. Fall from Grace - Who abducted Miss Helen Grace Stately?


> We've shipped a bunch of puzzle and word games.

> The blind-accessible ones are:


> 1. Kim's Game - A memory game from Rudyard Kipling's book

> 2. Orchestra - A musical memory game

> 3. Definitions - A word game

> 4. Synonyms and Antonyms - The word game equivalent of slalom skiing

> 5. Scrambled Sayings - Another word game


> Plus the occasional free word games which appear on our Web site randomly.


> Eelke's opportunity to participate in evaluation of his blind accessible

> client for Second Life sounds ideal for your interest in social gaming.


> We're offering our word games especially to the educational markets right

> now; but they aren't formal teaching tools.


> I personally like making story games.

> We've got a new series under development right now, adventures set in

> Sinister Cities of the 1920's.


> Your idea about a horror game that exploited the lights-out in the dark

> potential of creating an environment

> that could appeal to both visually-impaired and sighted players is very

> interesting. I've got to give that some serious thought.


> Later,


> John





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