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I'm having a rough time getting a statement from Ubisoft as to what
they mean by subtitles (ie, cutscenes, important sounds, etc). Their
response to me was along the lines of that they were horrified to
discover that people couldn't play their games so that is why they
committed to subtitles. So I'm trying again, this time cc:ing the
IGDA and ECA heads in the hopes that they will answer the question.

It's a great first step but there are a lot of games out their with
subtitles and unless Ubisoft did what Valve did with Half Life 2
there isn't as much of a story there. So I'm conflicted about sending
out a press release. My latest thoughts are to say that we
congratulate them on this first step but then take the opportunity to
explain what the next step is in more detail, referencing Valve and
Games [cc] as examples of that next step.

I don't want to piss Ubisoft off but I feel that they are kind of
giving us the brush off when the SIG and AbleGamers are exactly the
groups that can help them get the extra mileage of getting to the
industry as well as to the consumers. When I send a press release I
also send it to major disability groups. I hope that maybe Mark has
had a better time at getting them to answer the questions for his

Suggestions, anyone? Does my plan for the press release sound agreeable?


>Re. <http://www.handigosolidaires.com/en/index.html>Handigo - RNT

>made a good point on their blog:




>Basically - would have been nice if they'd have featured some

>accessibility options re. the control scheme.


>Le Monde video here:



>(How's your French?)...




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