[games_access] Braingate

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Thu Sep 25 11:52:49 EDT 2008

Yeah...accessibility needs to be talked about
more JUST IN GENERAL!!!! I *thought* that I had
MS but now it seems to *just* be a brain tumor.
So I might go for one of those cyborg options
(I'm always so cutting edge ;) -- I laugh because
the other solutions are just too depressing and I
like the idea of being part cyborg!).




>thank you all very much.


>I am very surprised that we do not learn in Human-Computer-Communication

>(Computer Science in Media ) about the basics of Accessibility.

>The script does not mention alternative presentation

>of information, Braille or Tracker. :-(


>The good think is, we communicate with a forum and I can tell them some

>basics about Accessibility :-)





>> Haven't tried it as Braingate is an implant AFAIK and it's invasive

>> nature makes it not very applicable for games other than for a very

>> small number of cyborgs :)


>> Non-invasive solutions, likely not as accurate as Braingate, are

>> Emotiv and the NIA


>> /Thomas




>Schon gehört? Bei WEB.DE gibt' s viele kostenlose Spiele:




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