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Forgot to mention that Forza 3 has a rewind mode which is a great additional accessibility feature. Mess up a manoeuvre and you can rewind the game to try again.

Thanks for the contributions so far. And they're not spam, Steve, if they're useful, helpful or a relevant question. The rough far from complete...


Destruction Derby (Psygnosis - PSone - 1995) - beginner level has a feature that helps keep the player driving in the correct direction. Barriers help keep the driver on track.

Forza 3 (Take 10 - Xbox 360 2009) - casual mode - includes auto-braking - difficulty level adjust - on-screen racing line and speed guide - rewind mode [Forza 3 link]

Half-Life 2 (Valve - PC) - closed-captions [Temporary Half-Life 2 link]

Peggle (PopCap - PC) - colour-blind option [Peggle link]

Sam and Max: Season one (? - ?) - Colour coded subtitles and "head symbol" [Sandra Uhling knows more]

Star Trigon (Namco - PC 2009) - accessibility mode enables full one-switch access [Star Trigon link]

??? The Whispered World (? - ?) - key that will highlight all interactive elements will assist many gamers including visually impaired players
Warhammer (? - PC) - on-screen keyboard support [War Hammer link]
World of Warcraft (? - PC) - colour-blind option [World of Warcraft ink]

Various Atari 2600 games c. 1981 - "special feature"
San Francisco Rush 2049 Special Edition (Atari - Arcade 1999) - Pedal free option [San Francisco Rush link]

Bayonetta and New Super Mario Bros to come.


I know others on this list have a huge amount of info on such games that have features. Also that there's some blurring with any list. No rush, but it would be great to add to this as and when though. I like Sandra's idea of choosing one feature per game - except when a game really excels beyond others.

Good extra sources for info on top of those discussed so far:



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Great game for accessible racing games. There are so few racing games for the disabled gamer, which is really a shame because I personally love the that genre back when I could play it. We have one of our writers working on getting his hands on a copy of Forza 3 - hopefully we can get that review up soon. I was really hoping for the "auto turns" would turn out to be quite awesome.

As far as mainstream accessibility in videogames, that's what we do best at AbleGamers.

Warhammer online ads on-screen keyboard support - my personal favorite J

World of Warcraft colorblind mode - another favorite

Then there is quite a few more, but I don't want to spam links. Developers are finally beginning to listen to us when it comes to accessibility! It's an exciting time to be working towards making video games more accessible for all.

Have a great day all,

Steve Spohn

Associate Editor


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Forza 3 mini-review up on-line here:


Bit of a shame, as the one button mode Take 10 promised for Forza 3, hasn't really surfaced. However, it does have some great accessibility features, such as auto-braking and on-screen racing line indication. It's one of the most accessible racers out there, but could still have been much better with very little extra effort. Feels like progress though.

I think we should collate a list of mainstream games with deliberate accessibility features. We can easily throw it up on the blog until we've got to grips with the new web-site. Here's a start:

Forza 3 (Take 10 - Xbox 360) - casual mode - includes auto-braking - difficulty level adjust - on-screen racing line and speed guide

Half-Life 2 (Valve - PC) - closed-captions

Peggle (PopCap - PC) - colour-blind option

Star Trigon (Namco - PC) - accessibility mode enables full one-switch access


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