[games_access] disability or limitation?

Javier Mairena javier.mairena at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 04:16:58 EST 2009

Good question Sandra!!

In Spain we are changing the world that people use.
We have been using disabled people or handicapped. But these words have bad
means. They are not disable people!! is the society that is not accesible
for them!!

Who is the disabled people in a dark room?? the blind or the not blind??
Why the not blind is not disabled in this society?? becaouse we have adapted
the room with a light.

We are now changing to the word "functional diversity". We say people with
funcional diverity in visuals, or mobility, or cognitive, or auditive.
But yet most people use the older terminology.

2009/11/2 Sandra Uhling <sandra_uhling at web.de>

> Hello,


> What do you think about this?


> We always use the word "disability".

> Maybe it would be better to use another word?

> E.g. limitations?


> Lot of the features do help all gamers.

> And every gamer can be sometimes "disabled".


> Best regards,

> Sandra


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