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Personally, I'd be more skeptical (or doubtful) if you weren't out to make money. Good to see some legitimacy.

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> Thanks for the suggestion, Javier. We have also built a black and white

> version for that very reason.


> As for the anonymous comment about "patent pending" I honestly

> understand the skepticism--to many people it might raise a red flag that

> we're out to make money. Unfortunately having "commercializable IP" is a

> requirement now for most funding bodies in Canada (e.g. NSERC, C4,

> etc.). It was a *requirement* to file a patent application in order to

> get funds to build and test this project. Anybody who knows me, however,

> knows I'm not out to make money. Trust me, if I wanted to get rich, I

> wouldn't have become an academic! I don't even control the IP: the

> university owns it. My goal is to help people, however I can.


> Karen



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