[games_access] Kinect support of speech recognition :-( :-( :-(

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Kinect speech recognition was always a bit awkward because as developers we weren't sure if it was going to be included at launch or not - as it turned out it was, but only for certain languages. As a result I think everyone made sure that there were no 'game critical' mechanics reliant on voice recognition (ie you can play/complete the game without using voice recognition).

>From the sounds of it with Kinectimals, they've done a straight translation of the manual without considering regional differences in functionality. Quite a major oversight really, going to double check with my manager that we've not done the same! :o

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I am very unlucky to live in a region where the speech recognition is not
Ok, hey I can speak English. --- does not work :-(

Then the next bad thing: The manual (Kinectimals)
There is the information that the game support speech recognition also for
my language. There are all the commands in german. -- but of course does not
work :-(

Like subtitle and audio language, it should be possible to select a separate
speech recognition language!!!!!
Do never write about something that is not(!) supported in the game.

Best regards,

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