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Barrie obviously doesn't like blowing his own trumpet so didn't mention Special Effect, but they do a nice job of plugging that gap as much as they can, in the UK at least.

It's absolutely a valid concern, spending your fixed DLA (or other countries' equivalents) inevitably means having to make hard choices. On top of that it's even more of an issue when you consider statistically how much more likely people with disabilities are to be living in a low income home, meaning it actually goes beyond just personal finance issues.
On the plus side alternative input devices are just one small area of game accessibility and there are many adaptations that (with a little bit more awareness) developers can implement for free, allowing greater access for people across the whole disability spectrum.
In terms of expensive input devices though, one of the reasons why they are needed is due to the lack of remapping options. Remapping isn't a silver bullet for motor accessibility, but if it was included in more games (or even as a system preference by the console manufacturers) then more people would be able to play with their existing controllers, without the added financial burden of expensive alternative input devices.

Console manufacturers are a prime lobbying target. Certainly Microsoft have a few people who care deeply about accessibility, and there are a quite few thing that could be done very easily at software level that would bypass game developers and improve things across the board. An old colleague of mine is now working with Microsoft on some Kinect sign language recognition research, which I'm quite envious of as it would be very nice to be able to get in and have a few words in the right ears.


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> Well, What about disabled gamers on a limited or even a fixed income who

> can't afford the game accessibility equipment required to play? That seems

> like an valid accessibility concern. Even if someone with limited funds has

> a game console or PC with a game or two, It might have been a gift & not

> acquired via ones own personal funds.


> My intention isn't to seem miserly but this aspect, In my experience at

> least, Can be ignored or brushed aside.


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