[games_access] Global Game Jam and Accessibility

Tara Tefertiller ttefertiller at igda-gasig.org
Wed Jan 5 16:34:59 EST 2011

Hey Everyone,

I'm not sure if there is a Global Game Jam event in your area, but if there
is- I highly recommend you get involved.

For those of you who don't know what the Global Game Jam is-

One weekend, the Global Game Jam takes developers and students from local
areas and puts them together and challenges them to make one game, from
start to finish- in 1 weekend. It's not for anything other than fun and
learning. It happens around the world, and once the games are made they are
available to be played for free on the web.

I am scheduled to be attending the Orlando Chapter of the Global Game Jam
and we have a very interesting idea- challenge the teams to incorporate as
many game accessibility features into their games as possible (remmappable
controls, color blind friendly UI, and so on). The team that does the best
job of this will receive some sort of special recognition. We're still
working out all of the details, as in we literally just decided to work

I would love for other SIG members to see if there is a Game Jam Chapter in
their area and see if they could also get involved, and also implement the
same kind of challenge. Who knows, maybe for next year this can be a world
wide challenge and not just a local one.

If you are interested, let me know!
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