[games_access] Can games be used to sensibilise kids?

Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
Tue Jan 18 10:11:30 EST 2011


maybe games can be used to sensibilize kids for PwDs.

First I thinks it is very interesting to start a discussion in a gamer forum. They are interested and try to think about it. Of course they do not know much to find the right solution. But they are open, they start discussions.

Games can be the connection between kids. They can learn that kids with a disability also love games.
And they can play them, too. Sometimes they are better than themselves (e.g. AudioGame).
Kids with disabilities are no longer strange. They share the similar hobby.

I do not know how this can be done in practise, maybe with a film?
This film can be made by young people. We have media project in Germany.
So maybe this would be a very nice project.

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