[games_access] UN CRPD Article 9 - Accessibility

Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
Mon Feb 27 13:16:47 EST 2012


Some points to discuss:

Point 1:
Are games part of the information and communications technologies or / and
services ?

Point 2: Note "on an equal basis", this seems to be more than the regulation
in the USA at the moment? Equal basis: same game, not alternatively a book

Point 3: "open or provided to the public":
What about services provided for a certain group, not pulic?
E.g. some certain education games in working places.
Maybe "public" is not a good term for this? ;-)

UN CRPD Article 9 - Accessibility:
1. To enable persons with disabilities to live independently and participate
fully in all aspects of life, States Parties shall take appropriate measures
to ensure to persons with disabilities access, on an equal basis with
others, to the physical environment, to transportation, to information and
communications, including information and communications technologies and
systems, and to other facilities and services open or provided to the
public, both in urban and in rural areas. These measures, which shall
include the identification and elimination of obstacles and barriers to
accessibility, shall apply to, inter alia:

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