[games_access] Blind accessibility in fighting games

Ian Hamilton i_h at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 29 15:33:39 EST 2016

An excellent demo just went up walking through how blind gamer SightlessKombat plays Killer Instinct using audio cues and stereo separation alone, and some discussion of how community effort led to some blind-accessibility features making their way into the game:
And from two days previously, AbleGamers interview with another blind Killer Instinct player, Xavier Quintero:

>From further back, an interview with Carlos Vasquez about working with Netherrealm on their dedicated blind-accessibility mode for Injustice, which since made it into current gen Mortal Kombat X, where it gained a few extra enhancements such as extra audio cues for power meters -
A bit further back again, Mike Zaimont's clipreader hack to get PC screenreader compatibility into Skullgirls' menus -
And the old classic, blind gamer Brice Mellen beating Ed Boon at Mortal Kombat - 
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